Case Study 1 – Preparing the Public Sector for a strong thriving Industrial Revolution 4.0

Preparing the Public Sector

Preparing the Public Sector

AY&R’s client at hand is one of the main core governmental departments in Abu Dhabi, with over 500 employees within the capital only. By end of 2018, the client’s leadership realized the importance of keeping up with fast changes in the region and especially in adopting new technologies that transform how businesses are conducted.
This is integral when it comes to making the right decision and concern to upgrading their internal departments to be ready for the future.

AY&R task was to review the current capabilities and talent of the organization and put in place a strategy for the client to implement in the next 5 years to achieve the desired goals and outcomes.

AY&R engagement approach enabled us to meet with the client’s project sponsor to understand the actual needs of the organization, picture the vision of the leadership, and shape the actual scope of work with different stages and deliverables to ensure the alignments between the different stakeholders. This encouraging strategies that secure and prepare the public sector for the next industrial revolution 2.0.

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Preparing the Public Sector

AY&R Scope of for preparing the public sector included :

    1. Assessing the current situation of the training department, which included conducting meetings with key internal stakeholders within the training department and external stakeholders from the leadership level and other departments heads to understand the current situation
    2. Formulate a strategy to help the client lead the industrial revolution in their sector, which includes details of proposed initiatives and performance indicators
    3. conduct a gap analysis between the current situation and proposed strategy to develop an implementation road map that is suitable with the client’s current resources and capabilities without casing a major distribution of day-to-day work.
    4. Set up a new structure for the organization which will be responsible for implementing the strategy.
    5. Set up needed policies, procedures, and forms to kick start the work.


While AY&R Management consultants were preparing the public sector strategy and implementation for its clients, three main challenges were identified

  • Challenge #1: Traditional workplace with high resistance to change
  • Challenge #2: Lack of digital literacy
  • Challenge #3: Lack of effective Training Department

To address these challenges within our scope of work and strategy, AY&R with the client’s project sponsor, decided to build their strategy our establishment of an excellent center outside of the HR department to report directly to the leadership to oversee the development activities of the staff and organization as a whole.


AY&R work resulted in establishing the excellent center, with a detailed strategy to address 5 main dimensions

  • Set up of the excellence center, including effective internal structure, working policies, and procedures
  • Development of new and effective professional development programs that address the core services of the government department
  • Optimize the professional development programs to include customized digital transformation knowledge and skills
  • Open and strength collaboration internally between government departments, and externally with expertise hubs, technology pioneers, and several professional development organizations
  • Emphasis on internal and external knowledge sharing, utilizing learning technologies, mentorships programs, and awareness workshops

AY&R work has helped the client to increase their public image in leading the Abu Dhabi government in digital transformation activities within the client’s sector. Increase awareness within their employees on the impact of new digital technologies increased the demand for training programs. Finally, as result the client transition to e-learning and remote work

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