Strategy Formulation

Strategy Formulation – AY&R’s approach to strategy formulation looks at suitability, feasibility and acceptability. We evaluate the strategy’s alignment with the organization’s mission, capabilities and finances, and the availability of the right resources to implement it.

We also look at stakeholders’ expectations for the organization’s performance, and at the likely benefits and risks, while assessing the probability and consequences of failure. And we provide a comprehensive framework of measurement tools that monitor and evaluate progress of strategy implementation.

Strategy Formulation - AY&R Management Consultants

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Transformation Strategy

We help organization to re-evaluate their business model and rebuild their strategic direction to tackle the continues changes around them.

Business Growth Strategy

For organizations who are established, but would like to reevaluate themselves for financial or operational growth

Business and Strategic Planning

For organizations who know their vision and mission but would like to organization their execution plan to achieve the overall results.

Performance Improvement

Strategy definition or planning is not a one time job, Strategy execution needs to be monitored, evaluated and rechecked against key performance indicators to ensure the organization going in right direction.

Transform your business with our Digital Solutions