Who we are

Who we are? AY&R is management consultancy firm that engage with organizations’ leaders to achieve their vision. AY&R cultivate its core expertise to build innovative and lean  solutions that meet organizations’ transformation needs.

AY&R is devoted to the development of the strategies, principles, techniques, and practices that drive value creation by enhancing organizational and individuals  capabilities, and efficiently increase performance.

AY&R’s customer-centric approach enables the development of customized solutions that are based on determining and understanding client’s problems and needs to drive a pragmatic approach that is aligned with client’s objectives, culture, and resources.

Who we are

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Value Creation

Tangible results



Dynamic and Resilience


Direct and clear engagement


Knowledge Transfer

Sustaining Growth


Challenging status quo


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Our Differentiation

A distinctive offering from traditional consultancy firms by integrating aspects of organizational development, technology adoption and marketing and communications within their services to client.

AY&R aims not only to consult but to transform internal capacities, establish success story, and sustain growth for future challenges.

our diffrentiation

Our Experience

Ahmed Elrayes senior expert

Ahmed Elrayes

Organization and Digital Transformation Strategist

Ahmed has a cumulative experience of 13+ years in various fields such as Management Consulting, Strategic Planning, HR practice, Technology, Program and Change Management. Ahmed is an accomplished management consultant, combining strategic thinking, team building experience and strong management skills. He has achieved success in establishing presence in new markets, identifying growth opportunities, and initiating strong business alliances.

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