AY&R Joins Forces with OneAfrica University to Foster STEM Education in Africa

AYR and OneAfrica University Partnership V3 Logo

Renowned for its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional advisory and consultancy services, AY&R has forged a partnership with OneAfrica University of Computer Science, Technology & Engineering (OAU CSTE) in Ghana. The collaboration aims to support the establishment of the university and provide advisory and consultancy services throughout the entire process, from planning, fundraising, programs governance, management and capacity building.

The primary goal of OneAfrica University of Computer Science, Technology & Engineering (OAU CSTE) is to enhance the higher education in Africa focusing on STEM topics and graduating the next generation of technology experts. In addition to offering scholarships to support social programs that will benefit students at the university. By focusing on high-quality teaching, learning, research, and innovation in computer science, the foundation aims to enhance the value-addition to Africa’s people and natural resources while emphasizing entrepreneurship as a catalyst for economic growth and sustainable development.

Under this exciting partnership, AY&R will provide comprehensive governance solution to OneAfrica University throughout the entire journey of establishing the institution. The expertise offered by AY&R spans a wide range of areas including strategy formulation, business research and establishment, project management, governance setup and management, fundraising, professional development and training, and solution development.

The mission of OneAfrica University is aligned with the vision of AY&R. Together, they strive for local capacity building, empowering Africans to become future change makers and social innovators within their communities. By fostering an environment where multi-disciplinary barriers are broken down and technology drives advancements, the partnership aims to create a community of thinkers ready to harness resources for the betterment of society.

For more information about OneAfrica University of Computer Science, Technology & Engineering (OAU CSTE) and its mission, please visit their official website at https://oaufoundation.org/.